8. Great Omen Came with the Rain



   After getting our location, we looked for architects, contractors, and funds simultaneously at a rapid pace. We must act quickly with business these days. If we see any possibility, we must pedal to the metal; or else we will not be able to catch up. For a moment we were quite inclusive between choosing a contractor with competitive bidding prices or picking on our freewill. We decided that it is best we pick on our freewill since we are not in the government sector where we do not need to start an auction and potentially be disappointed at an underwhelming quality with high prices. For the architect, we chose Dr. Bug’s close acquaintance and we had Ben’s friend as our contractor. Dr. Nush who had previously supervised the Healthcare Facilities Management before would monitor and make decisions as the middle person to save costs and make sure that things go as planned. Then, she brought her young, aspiring engineer nephew, Menn, Namarak’s very first employee to help supervise and prepare for future maintenance plans.


   Afterwards, Dr. Bug, the expert in between science and supernatural science volunteered to find the auspicious dates while Dr. Nush roughly suggested the desired day for building the foundations. We gave our architect one month to draft out his structural plan first because we know that it takes a good 3-4 months to accomplish the foundation. During that span, we can adjust the architectural and interior structures as we move along to save time. We laid our first column on the 5th of October 2018 at 6:59 am, it was a rainy morning; indeed, it was like a preview of the construction process. Many construction projects in Thailand have been delayed throughout the year with monthly pour down and storms. It had a significant effect in the construction process, but nevertheless, it went much more smoothly than expected because of our well thought out simultaneous construction strategies.


   The construction permit was also one of our biggest obstacles. How do we obtain it within one month? The normal process for petitioning a permission for construction seems like an impossible task due to the lengthy procedures of the government. We almost gave up hope, but we kept our heads strong and studied the updated laws and found out that there is an opening in Section 39 bis which prevent delays and facilitates the process for private enterprises.    


   It is permissible to begin construction before approval has been received, however, if the site is subsequently found not to comply with the building regulations, we will have to resubmit the petition within 30 days with letter of approvals from certified engineers and architects. This process will take up to two weeks, so we went with Section 39 bis which proved to be the right decision for us. When you are on the right side of the law, you will have the confidence to carry on with your business plans while maintaining the standardize regulatory. 


   The construction has also aroused questions such as: “You guys must have a big pile of money in your accounts.” The answer is No. No. And No. Not true. We do not have much, but we use our instincts and trust Dr. Nush’s sixth sense and her approaches. If we have good intentions behind this project, it will work out. We must succeed. In the next episode, we will talk about how we obtain our funding and our back up plans if things do not work out.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual