1. Why are we inspired to open the Hospital?

“Why are we inspired to open the Hospital?” is the most common question the three of us get for opening our specialized breast hospital. Each of us have different personal reasons, but our core mission is on the same page; therefore, it is possible for us to embark on the same mission. 


 “Bug” or Dr. Walun Vilaihong in the eyes of his peers, is a fun loving character who loves to party and travel. Rarely is he stressed out about work.


 "Ben" or Pharmacist Ornanong, is the youngest child, born into a family of merchants. An optimistic soul, who is neat and tidy.


  Dr. Nush or Assoc.Prof.Dr. Youwanush, an intense workaholic who is serious about life and brutally honest to a point of self-endangerment.


  The three of us merged together with a sole purpose of establishing a sustainable business without having to work under anybody with possible hidden agendas; a business where our expertise can shine without having to take advantage of anyone while at the same time giving back to the society in a private enterprise setting.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual