2. We sat and brainstorm on what types of clinics we should open and how we came to a consensus about opening a hospital.

     We had our first official conversation around December 2016 in a restaurant outlet at JW Marriott hotel, Ploenchit. Initially, there were four of us including Jan, a friend of Ben who specializes in finance; however, due to health circumstances of her family member, Jan had to withdraw from the project as a result of not being able to commit to this project full time. On that very day, our specialty clinic project escalated into a small-scale hospital which specializes in breast care. This fits our lower scale budget, as well as allowing our expertise to shine. We foresee the fact that the health-care market will eventually have a much fiercer competition in the near future where many larger scale hospitals will be established, taking away medical experts and customers. 


    We speculate on ways to sustain ourselves in this raging battlefield. As we look deeper into the market, we see increasing demands in the healthcare market, which includes the elderly group, aesthetics, anti-aging, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. On the other hand, breast patients are also a very interesting unique market segment for us. There is an ever increasing rate of breast cancer patients over the years and it is the number one most commonly found cancer amongst the female population. Screening breast cancer with mammogram and ultrasound has been more widely accepted as our society evolves to becoming more urbanized. All women will be accommodated according to their needs. Cases such as breast feeding mothers and breast pain problems are also unique targets that have not been entirely accommodated. Aside from all of the above, breast aesthetics is also a market as well.


    That day, we made our decision to establish a hospital which specializes in full-option breast care, equipped with national level physicians and state of the art technology. All of these must be accessible through reasonable prices, while enabling us to contribute to society.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual