4. Our dream breast care hospital model

    After our first meeting, we were consensual about establishing a hospital specializing in breast care. We then decided to assign each of us to outline our finalized individual concepts for our dream hospital before embarking on our mission. We had Khun Dao Chuenusa, our adept advisor from our days at Ramathibodi Hospital to help us merge our concepts together.


#Dr. Bug’s dream concept: 

   As a young man who loves travelling and nature, Dr. Bug is a relaxed personality who loves having conversations with people. He wanted his dream hospital to be like a relaxing resort so that he could stop travelling elsewhere, and just come spend time at the hospital instead. The medical staff can strip down some formalities while speaking with the patients as if they were friends or family members. He wants the hospital to be like a home where everyone can come in and have small chats on their free days not only for medical treatments.


#Ben’s dream concept:

   As the youngest, most fragile child and the little princess of the family, she wanted a clean hospital without any unwanted odors. All the staff are smiling and genuine with the patients and colleagues. They must have professional ethics and compassion. Cute adorable corners, tools, and stationaries etc.


#Dr. Nush’s dream concept:

    An amateur agriculturist who wants to own a hospital that has a lot of trees, along with a plant nursery or plant hub where all the patients can look while waiting to see doctor, and possibly bringing their favorite plants home. As for the medical services, she would like the hospital to have world class standards, concurrently with academic development. The doctor and medical staff should have a work/life balance and feel as if Namarak is their second home.


#Consensual dream concept:

    Most importantly, all three of us came to a consensus that we want to establish a hospital where no advantage is taken, accessible with reasonable prices, and lastly, all of us revere King Rama 9. Would that be possible if this hospital plays a part in returning the favor to our motherland, following the king’s footsteps?


    That is the start of Namarak Hospital, a specialty boutique hospital offering breast care with excellent standards, state of the art technology, raise awareness, concurrently funding a project known as ‘Nomraksa Foundation’ to finance underprivileged patients’ operation.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual