6. This should be it (location).

    We started looking for locations again. It is a loophole indeed, we searched the internet and drove around hunting for “For Rent” signs just as Ben’s father footsteps, driving around scouting for location. We kept looking, looking, and looking until fatigue started kicking in and think that our dream is probably an impossible one, especially for people like us who have no funding nor any family business to back us up. Meanwhile, Dr. Bug also realized that one of his relatives owned a piece of land where there used to be a kindergarten and was closed due to recession of academic needs. Currently, the owners are in the process of redesigning with the architects to renovate the venue and turn it into a boutique hotel. Dr. Bug went to talk with the relative, Khun Pom about our dream project. Having been charmed and convinced by our mission, Khun Pom gave us the architectural blueprint of the hotel so that we can further renovate it into a hospital. The location is still on Phetchaburi road, close to Uruphong; however, it is not very accessible despite being close to a one way intersection with a pedestrian overpass; we must detour a U-turn further away to access this area; therefore, we find it a real hassle. The only upside to this location is the fact that it easily accessible for doctors from Ramathibodi Hospital to travel; we are beginning to run out of options.


    As we look at the blueprint for adjustment, we also did our homework about land transactions since this piece of land also belongs to the Crown Property. Then, we found out more that the land lease policy of ‘The Crown Property Bureau’ has gone through tremendous changes in time; especially, when using the land for commercial purposes. It was a huge roadblock for us on a long term basis. We could never be sure about how long we can keep the location for our sake. Would we be asked to give the land back? 


    Once again, we brainstormed our decision and were not able to conclude, it is best that we go home first before thinking through any further. That midnight, Dr. Nush used her sixth sense once again. She notified our line group to best give up on this location and start finding a new one. In the meantime, we kept scouting locations online that night. After half an hour, we found three to four locations, it felt absolutely like a mandate from above. We screen captured the possible locations and let Ben start contacting the landlord the next morning. As for Dr. Nush, she only reached out to one landlord and left her contacts since it was already late at night; then she went to bed, hoping to rise and shine from a good dream.


PS: After a year, we hear news regarding our previous potential location having the same problems as we expected; thanks to the instinctive knack in Dr. Nush’s sixth sense.

Remark:: There's no guarantee for fixed result and outcome was uncertainty depend on individual